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Get 10% back on your first $50,000 in branded sales. Learn more

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The fastest-growing and preferred acquisition channel for over half our multichannel sellers.1
$39.99 a month + selling fees
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Get started with $50,000 in incentives

Ready to sell with Amazon? As a new seller, you can take advantage of a series of incentives.
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10% back on your first $50,000 in branded sales, then 5% back through your first year until you reach $1,000,000
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$100 off shipments into the Amazon fulfillment network using the Amazon Partnered Carrier program
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Free storage and customer returns with auto-enrollment in the FBA New Selection program
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$50 credit to create Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands ads
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"I’ve actually been really impressed—and kind of surprised, quite frankly—at how much Amazon has helped us build the brand; not just on Amazon, but outside of Amazon."

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Matt McCauley


of Amazon Customers use Amazon to discover new products or brands


brands are in Brand Registry, unlocking our powerful tools

Your business at scale

Amazon customers buy roughly 7,400 products per minute from U.S. sellers. Build, grow, and scale your brand with our innovative toolkit: world-class logistics, a proven customer experience, rich data insights, and cutting-edge advertising & marketing solutions. This is your path toward profitability.
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“When we launched on Amazon, I had expectations that Amazon would be about 10% to 20% of our total business. Within the first six months, it was 50%. It just exploded. And it really changed the way I thought about the future of our business.”
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Dee Murthy

On average, sellers see a 20–25%
increase in sales
after adopting FBA.

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Outsource your logistics
With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store products in our fulfillment centers, and we pick, pack, ship, and deliver to customers while handling returns and customer service. New sellers can also enjoy credits for shipments into our fulfillment network as part of New Seller Incentives.
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Advertise with Amazon
Get discovered, increase sales, and control costs with Amazon Ads. Use cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns to showcase your products and brand, or try formats like video, audio, and devices ads. You control your bids and budget, which means you never have to overspend.
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Sell more with the New Seller Guide
The New Seller Guide is a set of brand, logistics, pricing, and promotional services that we recommend to sellers who are just getting started with Amazon. Sellers who adopt these services can take advantage of over $50,000 in New Seller Incentives.

Your brand experienced

Connect your brand to millions of customers. Control the experience from discovery to your dedicated storefront, and from your product pages to their inboxes—Amazon customers following a brand spend more than double that of non-followers. Communicate your core values, build loyal relationships, and ignite your brand experience.
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"We found that the tools, the features, everything that we can do within the branded storefront can mimic what we’re doing on our website."
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Susan Petersen
Chairwomen & Chief Brand Officer

Customers who follow a brand on Amazon
spend 2X more than non-followers.

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Your dedicated storefront
Showcase your brand and products in a multipage, immersive shopping experience with Amazon Stores. Curate content to inspire, educate, and help customers discover your brand, and get insights into related sales, visits, page views, and traffic sources.
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Optimize your brand content
Showcase your brand and product features on Amazon product pages, and run A/B tests to optimize your content for conversion using Manage Your Experiments. Over the last year, thousands of sellers have used the tool to maximize product listings.
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Inform your strategy
Make informed, strategic decisions about your product portfolio, marketing, and advertising activities with valuable insights from Brand Analytics. Over the last year, more than 500,000 sellers have used this tool to accelerate the growth of their brands.

Your success supported

Protect your brand and IP with powerful tools to defend against counterfeits and fraud, plus get critical performance metrics to monitor customer sentiment and ensure a top-tier, always-on brand experience. Get started with 1:1 onboarding support for insights to help you take your business to the next level.
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"The automated protections and the self-service removal of counterfeit products, is a significant development that will help ensure our customers receive authentic Vera Bradley products from Amazon."
Mark Dely
Chief Legal & Administrator Officer

Over 500,000 brands worldwide are enrolled in Brand Registry.

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Register your brand
Unlock a suite of tools designed to help you manage your brand and create a better customer experience, including automated protection and powerful search tools to find and report violations.
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Get a helping hand
All new sellers in the U.S. now qualify for 12 free months of 1:1 onboarding support from our account managers. Or, add a designated account manager to help you scale your business with Strategic Account Services (SAS) Core.
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Scale with apps and services
There are more than 6,200 Amazon-vetted service providers and apps which are used by more than 1 million sellers worldwide to help sellers build, manage, automate, and scale their business.

Unlock a universe of selling opportunities

What type of Amazon seller are you? Play to your strengths and create your selling strategy with a variety of programs made to support your unique business.

Introduction to ecommerce selling

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What is ecommerce?

Electronic commerce (ecommerce) is the trading of goods and services on the internet. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this selling channel.
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Build a business

For entrepreneurs and growing businesses, ecommerce can be a profitable model to adapt either as the sole focus of your business, or as an additional selling channel.
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Ecommerce fulfillment

Ecommerce fulfillment is a vital ingredient to growing a successful online retail channel. Here’s what to consider when looking for an order fulfillment service.
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Inventory management

Maintaining the right amount of inventory to meet demand can help keep your business humming. Get effective inventory management tips for ecommerce business owners.
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What is dropshipping?

This guide covers the definition of dropshipping, how it works, pros and cons, related Amazon policies, and alternatives to consider for ecommerce businesses.
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Create an Amazon storefront

Learn how to tell your brand story using Amazon tools. Build immersivei storefronts and customize product detail pages with rich media and content.
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Sell books on Amazon

Learn how to sell used books, new books, or your own self-published books. We've got the steps to help you get started—and seven tips to help you succeed.
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Seller University

Our online training program is designed to help brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs learn how to succeed as Amazon selling partners.
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Amazon Selling Partner Blog

Read updates, articles, and stories about getting started in ecommerce and growing your business in Amazon stores.
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$39.99 a month + selling fees
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1 Amazon internal data, FY2021 survey of 21.2K U.S. multichannel sellers
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